Back to Comic Books: Thanos

After the most anticipated movie of The Avengers, I hit the download button again and the ending cut scene really motivates me to read again some comic books. Thanos, the villain that has infinite gauntlet that possess the power to bend realities, now that’s a worthy opponent.

I am reading the Infinity Gauntlet series of Thanos and it’s really exciting to see Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer, Quasar, Dr. Strange and The Avengers of course, even Spider-man is in the area.

The series is about on how Thanos collected the Infinity Gauntlets to the keeper of the stones. Thanos travelled far and seek in every dimension just to gain such power. Here are some of the pages I already read.

Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom and Dr. Strange
Thanos and Mephisto ~ Infinity Gauntlet
Even Galactus is here

There are many exciting characters in the series.



Odin in Asgard


Very interesting series indeed. Even Odin called the help of his co-equal Gods, even Zeus is called upon in this tragic phenomenon orchestrated by Thanos. Every galaxy is in full alarm.

The series is pretty long, it has 6 piece but has long story in each of the series chapter.

Good Luck to me…. Hope to understand it more!

Happy Reading!


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