Education and Learning – The Mindset Behind

School an institution for knowledge and skills. It is considered as one of the building blocks of the society where we all started to know about the things around us. It is where we learn basics of communication, whether it is in writing or speaking. Or it is where our in-born creativity dies?

In the bible, where does innocence of Adam and Eve dies? It is when they become aware of their surroundings, when they acquire knowledge. Is it the same when we learn things in school it becomes our primary knowledge and it stuck in there, which creates a blind side for the curiosity not to question the injected knowledge that we acquire in school.

When we starting to learn the space, when the teacher says that the sun is a start, you will believe the teacher or not? Maybe you will have doubts in the beginning but if you never read an encyclopedia before and all of your friends and teachers say that the sun is a star you will believe it. It’s because you don’t know how does the sun is considered as a star. But if you learn it before the teacher told you what the teacher have told you confirmed what you already learned, thus asking how is it called a star? – Curiosity thus, learning.

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” ~Einstein

Education is pretty much the standard of the society in a third world country so the mindsets of many of us go to school and get a job. That is the never ending cycle of the life of a pinoy, go to school, finish college, get a job or break the cycle and end up carrying cement or on the streets, behind bars or even dead. The grim lives of a non-follower but why in other countries a lot of the drop outs ending up financially free.

What is the difference?

Mindset, the information circle around us ever since we are born is wrong. We should live without rules and we might get somewhere, other people had been.


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