Why Do We Go To School?

Summer is almost over, maybe you scour all over the Philippines looking for that perfect sand and waters to bask on with and the school bells are calling your names already. Just to have a better understanding especially if you are a high school student, ask yourself why do you go to school?

Going to school is pretty much the cycle of life we need to follow, we should go to school, why? I didn’t get a chance to ask my mother about this she will just raise her eyebrows and the question died and become dust.

My life growing up is pretty much all by myself, I can’t get help from my brothers and parents simply because they were doing something else, there is a vague memory that my brother helped me, but it’s an isolated case. That is the set up so I didn’t have the chance to ask I just knew then that I am excited to go to school and boast my new things, school for me is a party, I wish I knew better back then, but no regrets just lessons. So the answer to the million dollar question came when I become a parent myself.

Why We Go To School?

To have a job and get rich! The school system is the biggest ego you will ever meet! They just know much they thought they build the earth or they built the pyramid and they just went to the moon. They are just registered in this school and they thought they already knew about everything and king of anything. Like me, I am indestructible but I am not.

To most of the students, going to school is stature; it’s the rock of Darna, “Ding ang bato!” kind of thing, then poof! They are super humans. Reality, a ticket to a larger ego, job!

What school supposed to be?

Ideally an institution of basics, at least before stepping to high school you must know how to communicate both Filipino and English (to be a call center agent someday). The basic should be strengthen so that after the primary years, more advanced skills should be thought and a simple application of what you want in college, that’s the least.

What really happens?

10 years in basics primary and secondary, then the application is in college which is not advisable since it’s really not enough.


Incompetent, then go to the cubicles of a outbound call center, taking calls shouldn’t be a profession because the basic of handling a call is courtesy, basic phone conversation is thought in grade 4 onwards!

Go back to the title

Why do we go to school? Is really to get a job and have an income to feed our families, to get rich and have a business then get that retirement that you want. For me it’s a time machine that when I look back now I can see the chain 10 years back on how I will end up today, I still can break it and change the course of the chain.

So next time you looked at your school what do you see? A party? A gathering? Tambayan? Or a place where you will rely the rest of your life with?


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