Target for the Pledge: The Words are Coming Out Shy

Early this year I made a pledge to myself that at least I need to blog 200 post for this year, it will be an achievement for me if I do. Well the problem is the topics is not coming into my senses. I know in a day I have at least 2 to 3 ideas to blog and I met Plinky but I ignored her, everyday!

I am down of 35+ posts

Well I computed at least if this is possible. So I divided 200 in 12 months so I need to have at least 17 posts a month.

So what am I doing this past few days? I am developing my own site which I also pledged to be launched this year so I only have 6 months to prepare my site and create more sites and finish my 200 pledged posts.

How Can I do that?

I will do it by rushing on posts and create it as I think of it and jam more with Plinky. I also need to update my Tumblr page but it’s less important since my getglue is linked so I virtually posting it also on my tumblr, so let’s go back to the plan. I will perpetually post on my blog for the next 15 days so I can chop my deficit posts! So here is the simple game plan

  1. Post More – Helped by Plinky!
  2. Develop the site – Rush the site before it’s too late.
  3. Post! Post! Post!

It’s quite of a list but it is still a plan for me, I am applying the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) methodology.

What’s To Blog?

The (old) New acquired comics, interesting developer life, life about my family, new tv shows that supposed to be helping me on building an empire of “sweet nothings” on my blog. So from here on a new post will be posted to catch up!

Happy blogging


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