The Coming Activities in June


I am very busy recently on my personal projects and side projects, which pretty much occupied my time in making blogs this June. I really had a busy quarter this year, many are happening in the office and in the family.

Old has to die, To live Again

To discuss it here is very critical so I’ll be just vague on it. Well not many of  you know me personally but still for the benefit of the company I am with now, I will be just as discreet.

Leadership has come to its challenges, but if you have a two-headed hydra where will you serve? The head is equally competitive and equally good. There are short comings and there are advantages on both heads. There are slight differences in leadership the other is pretty much tough but stands on the decisions, the other has creative mind but has no teeth in implementing it strictly. Though many would say go on the lenient one but I dare to disagree. The normal reaction of a person is they will go with the easier life, but sometimes you won’t learn on those easy steps. Sometimes we need some iron hand to learn not just criticism that states nothing, we need direction.

The Little Princess is Going To School

The first day of school is approaching and the summer has ended a few weeks back. I am very excited on her school things. Last week it’s a scavenger hunt over divisoria, they all looking for the best offers and it’s made only in divisoria.

The tailor has finished the uniforms and everything is wrapped and ironed. I love preparing things for my daughter I enjoyed every moment of it. When you saw a child grew up you really excited on her firsts!

New Addiction

New series are coming and I never seen another series since Charmed and Early Edition. Life is different back then. Now I let the season pass and then download everything in one go! Watch out for reviews!

I have many things to blog just like the new series I read in Iron Man, well I am really interested in his suits and how dying is just normal for Tony.

For this blog there is still more to post and still more. Many interesting things coming on my way, I will go to start small and hopefully get big.

Watch out!


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