Just Got Delayed

This month is a very busy month. Well I got a design for the upcoming website I already got the logo. Well sometimes there are things that are needed to focus on with more than to my own projects.

Well I got a gig a charity gig, I didn’t have that time to be on charity on these times, I need projects that are productive monetary, I will be a hypocrite if I say I didn’t need the money. Well I did it anyway, well I have to produce something but it has a very cheesy admin panel!

It has no security at all!

Just thinking, am I kidding myself? If I can’t do some job for free why will I demand to have pay? It’s hard if you are too gentle, too giving and you don’t left something for yourself.

My Project: Project DNA

It is a metal band really, I heard their album, it’s quite good and it’s really dark! Here is the front end; well there are a lot of test! It’s not done and I do not know when it will be finished. Probably one more week!

Project DNA
Project DNA

I really love to finish the site, it’s the first time I am designing for a band but, seesh…. I need some motivation man! Like I said I’ll be hypocrite if I didn’t say I don’t need the money, but I can make it this project without payment. This is one of the seven hells.


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