The Start of the Raining: How to be Productive When You Have Nothing?

Time Management and Productivity

The fun of summer comes to an end where small rain slowly pours down into my barren skin. Nah! Stop being dramatic here; what are you doing if it rains?

A lot of people love rain, especially when I am in the perimeter of our house.  But when I need to go somewhere? I hate commuting when it rains.

The activities for this month mostly is indoors, my daughter will be in school and the school is just a few steps from the house so there will be no problem at all. The problem most probably will be electricity and communication signals. I still rely on over the air internet access, and it’s a bit hard to connect when it’s raining, so if that happen it will be computer games. The second problem will be electricity, well it will be a bit boring and it will be all day sleeping. This is only when the rain really pours hard or a big typhoon.

What Benefits We can Get?

A full rest, rest is important for all of us and let us be with our family. Rest is not just in a form of sleeping or just doing nothing, its being unplugged for a moment and let the creative juices crawl into the brain and besides you still can draw, just get a battery powered lamp and you will be fine.

Reflecting – reflecting is not also all about religion, it also something to do with creativity. For example, a book you have read, what learnings do you get? Or review your income as a freelancer? Or write something, blog something. Even when you are unplugged you can be creative.

Clean – Let’s say there is electricity but the internet is down, you can clean your desktop. Clean it in every drive. Maybe you left porn somewhere or scraping out old designs or just organizing your project folders.

Productivity can be in many ways!

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