Get Your Raincoats and Boots: It’s Rain Time

It really is the time of the longest time of the year the rainy season. It is when brownouts and class cancellations all you have to do is just wait for the electricity come or just and get a load of fat over the day. It is also the time for champorado, a chocolate flavored congee.

The rain is not bad but it’s not my favorite season either. There are a lot of people are killed in times of calamity than by heat stroke, though they are both a killer, heat stroke is avoidable if you have good lifestyle or just cooling yourself and hyrdrating yourself, wherein floods, cold, flu and leptospirosis is very inevitable. They all blend in water, rainwater, which you will have for the next 5 to 6 months.

Though we have no typhoon yet, but it rains at night. Rain has many factors to build and the country is in the factory of it, in Pacific Ocean.

Now the last one has passed not so strong which is good, but there is one approaching still a dwarf for its speed and wind, but it usually become stronger as it comes to the Philippines. Our weather bureau says it will just pass our area of responsibility but it will not land in here. Well actually a good news but still how many storms will pass here?

Getting Ready

Be ready for the rain so be on your most water resistant gears like:

–          Umbrella the most very handy and the default to be put on bag.

–          Raincoat to protect what the umbrella can’t cover.

–          Boots to protect your feet from getting wet from overflowing dirty canals around.

If you get wet going home, take a bath immediately as you reached your house, so that you can wash your head and feet from the rainwater and flowing canal water.

If your feet get wet, put it in a hot water with salt it will cleanse your feet and disinfect it.

There you have some tips to avoid sickness when rainy season comes.

It’s better to be ready than sorry.

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