Tax Don’t Benefit Me: Why I Hate Taxes?

Who don’t hate tax? Maybe your country is very good in collection and making beneficial projects, but tax in the Philippines? You can’t feel a thing that you benefit something to it. It will just go to the pockets of some congressman or some mayor or maybe to some governors. I truly don’t care to where they go because ever since my parents tax is just grounds of corruption, grounds to take back what the politicians spend on their campaign.

Project in The Philippines

Government projects if not all, are like its movies, predictable. The only important for a politician is to remember him or her with its projects during its term; well the politicians make sure of that. Doing the project in the middle of summer and on a very slow manner they will finish project until the end of the year. This will make the people think that the person they voted has many projects because their roads are always been fixed. The realization that the seated official has only one project that caused you a lot of headache due to traffic, will only surfaced when it’s time to vote.

There is nothing bad with fixing roads but it’s better to do it fast.

Why Is It Not Fast?

On the first week they bore the roads with holes causing uneasy with the travel. Then they will stop, for no reason at all they will left for a couple of weeks with holes on the ground. Then they will come back this time one lane is not passable then again they will stop, the sun is shining, though its hot but it’s no excuse to stop . Then they will hurry for two weeks then after the west lane, the east lane they will bore holes and then stop then work again until the school year starts. Then there will be rain already and traffic, the people surely remember about your projects.

Just one question left me, why they stopped during the construction of roads are they not aware that it’s a national road?

Inappropriate Projects

It’s good to be environmental friendly but please think it through. In a tropical country wherein your season is dry season and wet season, your people can’t afford to have paper bags.

Why Paper bags is Not that Suitable For Tropical Countries

  1. Paper bags can easily melt and destroyed when wet.
  2. You can’t put cooked food in it, especially with sauce. (carinderia style).
  3. Hard to carry.

Not all people here has cars that they can put the paper bag in their hoods. Most of us take a ride and most of the paper bags has no handle to begin with so it’s a bit hard to carry paper bags around.



Eco bags are the best way over it but in a “tingi” style of commerce, where will you put a 5ml soy sauce? Where will you put a 10ml cooking oil? Still plastic is around so how will you go around it?

Then the project will be revised that the use of plastic will be limited use paper bags and eco bags.

I hate plastics as much as all of the Filipinos love to have a clean country, the problem is not plastic the use of plastic. Have a stronger policy regarding littering, implement it in schools and in public places. We all need is discipline, that’s all discipline.

Government hospitals are still the most feared hospital in all, so where your people go?

Policemen are still feared in the street, not respected but feared. Corrupt, trigger happy and just in the news, policemen are now bandits also. So who will you trust?

Teachers has low compensation and public schools is lacking of teachers.

So does your tax work for you? Where do you think the government spent your tax?


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