Game Of Thrones Season 1: The Thrilling Start

Game Of Thrones
Game Of Thrones

I just got a hand on a couple of episodes in Game Of Thrones Season 1. It’s like virus crawling into my veins and I just found myself looking for the next episodes, I’m caught like a fish on a hook.

This original series by HBO an adaptation of the book by George R.R. Martin the book “A Song of Ice and Fire”. My first take on the series is about the kingdom of Westeros, and it’s noble families lurking to each other shadows to have control of the Iron Throne. As the plot rises, you will see the hideous politics among the noble houses surrounding the King’s Landing.

The series has a lot of gore and sex within the story line but it appears to be necessary in the era they set it. Though they undeniably cross the “conservative” culture of the Philippines, the story reveals sad truths about the prostitutes on that time. For me, the setting is pretty sad, to be considered porn though there are a lot of enjoyment in their eyes but the story behind is pretty much sad. If a viewer only see and understand the plot you will not mind about the nude scenes in the series.

I pretty much like the personality of Tyrion Lannister, frank but he knows what is to be expected to him, he knows when to be polite and courteous. The adorable Peter Dinklage won an Outstanding  Supporting Actor in a Miniseries sighted for his remarkable play on Game Of Thrones. I just started the journey in Westeros this past few days so I need more of the remaining episodes and of course Season 2.


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