Blogging Free: Catching up

Well, well june is closing to its end, and I am catching up with my blog post deficit. I need to attend to my sidelines and office works since they have monetary reward to me; of course I need to it. Also I need to feed my family pay the bills and getting the two ends meet.

How many are my post this June?

It is as many as it is expected the numbers are quite high than the previous months. I have 8 currently plus this post that will make it 9 and I have another 1 that is not yet posted but it will. That will make it 10 and there are 5 days more.

What Am I Working On?

I am working on Facebook integration, and mostly related to social media. The turmoil in the office will not affect my performance.

Right now I am formulating a facebook app, well I am one man team on the social media department but I think I can handle this job.

I used the PHP SDK for facebook since the ASP.NET C# is deprecated well I do not want to adjust in the middle of development. Currently I can post and login using facebook and I will fetch the different fields from facebook. The only problem I have right now is where to apply it?


I have also branding jobs in oDesk. Just recently I have closed an account and finished it. It is a company from Australia and they need my expertise in creating logo. I don’t know if I am allowed to post it here so I rather not.

So I have many things to do plus other sidelines that involve website development for a band, and also I will integrate the thing in Facebook, etc. Research, research, research, all are theories for now but will apply the concepts soon.

Any suggestion of Application?


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