Information Evolution: Books, PDF and Audio

A novel, comic book, e-book, or audio, books branched out platforms.. Today nobody is handicapped because knowledge come in different forms, in different platforms through technology. Though my example are mostly entertainment, but is it true that majority if not all, of the books are in audio books or podcasts and pdf? The media to enjoy or learn such information  has now a lot of options. There is Kindle, iPad, smartphones and tablet pc. The phrase “I don’t know”  is extinct through technology we have now, information is everywhere.

Technology served its meaning quite well today. It helped a lot of people with disabilities, seasoned and young. Those who can’t read due to their sight, can hear from a podcast that the prince will be married and Mr. Bean is invited in the occasion. To those who can’t hear, that can read but far sighted can just zoom it out and they can read what the blind can hear.

User experience now is a science and not just a subtopic. This is to make when we say it is accessible to all or it can be appreciated by everyone, we mean it.

The evolution of information dissemination is so fast just ask google about it and the answer is just right there. Though there is also a downside in relying so much with technology, is that relying too much from it. There is still liberty in manual labor after eventually you will automate it. Technology is a good friend, a dangerous foe a foolish master. Be a master of technology not  technology control you.


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