Blog Updates: I am Comic Enthusiast

Besides of fond about music, the kid insides me shouts illustration. Even before I learn how to read, DC or Marvel illustrations and animations are my favorite. I don’t idolize them, I just love the suits and especially the stories behind them just intrigue me a lot. Even the battle sequence and on how the flow of the series I am really hooked everything about it. As we grow old and new vices come and go, but still my admiration to the literature is still alive.

Recently I’ve been busy reading comic books new and old and I was thinking to have a little bit of mashing of idea.

Combining my blog to the comic world, starting July the entry that I will be posting will have a small icon on the beginning of the post of something comic.


What Topic Are Affected?

All of the topics will have a small icon on the beginning of the post.

 Where Did I Get The idea?

Well the late would have a manga on every post. Well I have been there seeking for blogging advices and it’s quite good.

This is not to have more visits but that would be great, it’s just I love to hang marvel on my blog now. This is just an added feature to the blog to give spice to it. Blogs also need some decorating, like softwares or websites that would update their selling point from time to time.


Happy Blogging!



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