Opera 12: Trying This Discredited Browser

I really hate Opera in the early days; it’s lousy, slow and untamable. I hate viewing my pages on that browser. But since Opera 9, they pretty much work on the interiors and feel to the browser I am starting to like the guy!

As years passed, development and designing is finally sinking into my system. Viewing the internet has a different meaning; it’s accessing the right pages at the right time in optimum speed. Yes, the two giants Firefox and Chrome dominated the browser experience in any browser test these two browsers came out. Then came my problem in accessibility, I do not want horizontal bookmarks I want my sidebar, horizontal bookmarks just blocks my viewing pleasure.

Then a gut feel push me to Opera. I haven’t updated and it still Opera 10, then remembered when I first install it, it has sidebar then I am already sold. Then the update, I update it Opera 12 then I am amazed with the results.

Opera 12
Opera 12

My work has idle moments, in Chrome, when I leave it for a few minutes to hours, the chrome would swipe your last view of the web page, which is really annoying. Firefox just became extremely slow when you idle but then, Opera 12 improves in speed

When they say its fast they meant it now, big time. Though they are lacking in apps now but eventually they will surely have a lot.

It is still Day 1 and having problems with some javascript.


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