New About Page: To Spread

I updated my new about page, and named this is Eneza. It’s about time I am maintaining this blog since 2008. Back then I was a lazy boy and very very lazy boy I always find new ways to procrastinate.

This Is Eneza
This is eneza

What To Expect in the coming months?

More Posts – This is to catch up with the deficiency in number of my posts against to the pledge.

New Formatted Posts – I’ll be adding up blog updates and “marvel”-ous format in each post so watch out for that.

The Highchair – The new and improved blog posts. It has twists and turns in every entry. This will be a weekly review about your favorite artist old, new and forgotten.

The blog in this half of the year will be more interesting and exciting to the bones. I am looking forward to have more engagements on the music side of things since everybody loves music.

Happy Blogging!


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