The July Post: Focusing more on Music and Web


My life has been good to me and I believe that as a family we are there just need a little bit of push. I have a lot to say about lives that are opinionated in nature, just want to add a little bit of topic that I love. I love my family and all but these coming days as I fulfill my pledge there will be more sound here and tech to read about here. I wish I’ll be more expert in doing this stuff but I am not, I am just a plain guy with an amazing family life.

Focusing on Music –  For the benefit of small group who are reading my blog, well I am music enthusiast, I love Filipino Music, Pinoys are really talented, the problem is the audience are not open minded in creative works of other Pinoy Music.

I love music as much as you do so I would love to talk about that here, in my own blog.

Focusing on Web – Another topic that would make up my whole totality is the web. I’ve been in the business of developing systems for almost 7 years and 5 years in profession. This is the one business that fed my family for a long time so I would love to give it back to the industry that had put me where I am right now.

 What About Faith or Religion?

Of course this is the foundation of all, faith. This should be a constant resident in my blog. This will be forever in my blog. I am just in focus on the two since they do not have generous entries on the blog. Religion and faith are the main foundation of my life it’s all around my blog.

Well readers you will expect a lot of musicality and web-techy kind of post here.

Happy Blogging!


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