I use Opera Browser: A Fast Review for A Faster Browser.


For a while I noticed the very slow response of prominent browsers. Then just recently I would seek other browser that has sidebar, well IE6 is not an option. I am thinking if I try Opera again and give it another shot and I am surprised. It is a better opera, faster and that nice round red logo of his, too sexy to resist.

My opera has been sitting on my computer for a while and it still in Opera 10 and it sucked when I view my Gmail then the upgrade.



It is faster than ever and even I idled on my computer it never get slow unlike the “kings” of browsers. It has sync and it has free email, blog and you can upload your pictures there. Just sign up on their portal, then it’s done; you will never open another browser again. For some people maybe they will not, but for me since I am a web developer, I should test everything looks the same across browsers.

I use opera for browser practically just a feel of having a dashboard on the web. I have easy access on my links online tools, that’s it, my selling point.

Though they should really update from time to time to be able to keep up with the giants, they will be fine. Here in Opera 12 they hit a goldmine there is always room for improvement. The details of its greatness won’t matter until you try it yourself, download it here.


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