The Season Ender: Game of Thrones Season 1


The season 1 of Game of Thrones Is like a long hour stretched but it’s been weeks before I finished everything here and prepare for season 2. The story here is so fast but it is rich with the whole plot, the whole concept how the Game of Thrones is played.


There are many points in the plot will be brewed as the series goes and here are some of them:

You can’t trust anyone – Even Ned Stark is not fully aware, maybe he knew the path what he is taking is dangerous but still, trusting anyone from the council is a very bad idea. Since the councils has own game to be played, they someone to absorb the blame and retain on the side of whoever is on the position.

Cruel King – Joffrey is an interesting character, though he is really a prick, a very dangerous child he is. This twisted king in the making has a potential to spice up the plot and on how he will rule King’s Landing. He listens to no one even to his mother, there are a few instances he just don’t listen a pretty little prick he is.

Arya’s Exodus – Another wolf and stag on one team, the characters of Arya and Robert’s bastard is pretty exciting to watch. With the wolves on the wild, how they will create the pack that should be there since the alpha wolf is dead. On the brink of danger how Arya will survive?

The Dwarf That Cast a Large Shadow – I also have a soft spot for dwarves and neutral good characters in a story. How he will survive the politics of playing the game? This tough Lannister has proven a true heart of a lion. He has no anger to anyone just enjoying the girls and playing the game.

A very tragic end for that we all expect some characters that are supposed to be heroes but not. We all expect a happy ending for that season but this twist of events really makes it more interesting. I will see about that when I watch Season 2.


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