Less Spam More Real Visitors: Traffic Building


Spams are my headache since day one and most people would agree they really hard to remove or it is a tiring journey to your spambox just to delete everything there. Now the spams in my blog are quite behaved, they always comment under my about page, which I truly regret enabling comments there. Now that I have a renewed about page, I am targeting now how could I up a notch on the visitor count.

Content is Still King

Many of you probably read that content is king, he is still the king and it will always be. My journey in having a rockstar content is not an easy task and maybe a rockstar post to me but to millions browsing the internet, maybe it’s just an ordinary blog post.

Well I have written a few series about traffic building and put some good points back then. Then now, software bots are a bit off and it could really break you more than you gain from it. Besides you know for you that you have a robot on your side and the glorification of having a thousand visits would just be a waste.

Title is The Prince

Title is one of the key points of visibility in the web. The content will be the selling point but engaging them to read is in the title. Having that simple yet catchy title for your rockstar post is really the invitation to your readers to read furthermore, and then you will grab him with your Intro.

Introductory Paragraph

Introduction is a supporting to your title before the meat of your content. If the readers find your introduction is boring, the reader will close your page then finds more blog that would interest them

Grammars, grammars and thoughts

The post should be well thought and concise. Check the grammars and breaks in the sentence and organize every point. I usually do is, finish the post in the evening before going to sleep, read it once check the grammar and leave it overnight in the morning I double check it and then publish!

These are not expert advice but it’s a decent start hitting the keyboards and publish that rockstar Post!



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