Soundcord Specials: Rock of Ages

Common: Page

Anthony Joseph Pereira : lead guitarist and contributing songwriter of the Aerosmith. Who would have not recognized his presence on stage? The fit Portuguese is the founding members of the band, meeting with vocalist Steven Tyler and Joey Kramer.  His weapon of choice, Gibson Les Paul, which is the young models from its ancestors the Juniors, Standards and Customs. To all we know that Joe is always plays his guitars and write songs, well he blend hot sauces.

Alice In Chains
Alice In Chains

Richard Stephen Sambora: The lead guitarist of Bon Jovi. Like Joe, he also leads the songwriting together with Jon. He was not in Bon Jovi immediately, until he was approached by the band that they should work together. In the rehearsal of Bon Jovi he was hired on the spot. He also come up with two solo albums, that featured Eric Clapton.

Jerry Fulton Cantrell: The guitarist of the famous Alice in Chains. He served the band well enough as lyricist and co-vocalist until the death of the late great Layne Staley. His music styles evolved in blues but it made Alice In Chains surfaced amongst the grudge and metal bands on that era.

They are all influenced by Jimmy Page an inspiration of all which includes Metallica’s Hetfield and Hammett. Jimmy Pages contributions are such remarkable having also the Order of the British Empire.


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