Life and Web Is Inseparable


Priorities, a lot of people are talking about this but when it comes the moment they crumble down. It is really hard to have priorities when you are getting to choose in between with interconnected ideas that would affect the other.

My family is my number one priority no matter what, everything now is secondary, but you cannot live with your family without food. To have food you need to work but when work consumes you family would suffer. It is still a puzzle the idea of time management, especially if you’re partner is in line with your work too, sometimes you clash.


Web Industry is My Bread and Butter

My work doesn’t stop in 8 hours and I need to be better every day. This industry has given me a lot of opportunities that fed my family (with divine intervention also). So whatever the industry given to me I ought to give it back. I think it is unwritten rule in any discipline that I should give credit when the credit is due.

When work is become abusive?

When I let myself “in the zone” and let my family on the side. It is a very dangerous zone when I am in the middle of a project and I can’t solve a part of it easily, that is when my profession becomes abusive.


Luckily the family that I have really drills me to the bones just to wake me up from that zombie like state.

I should not be working on a Sunday and during I am with them, work can wait until I return.

Then splat back to earth and I am a father again.

Web and Life is really inseparable ideas to me, but not necessarily web is my life it’s just part of my life that makes up my totality. There are parts for my family; there are parts that are for my wife only and for work only which is web.


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