SOUNDCORD: Love that dancefloor

Just recently the booming industry of house has been very popular recently. Finally the world is partying with all of that sound and beats for this week in soundcord let’s see if you can see the connection.

Sia – Who love’s jazz? Every once in a while need a dose of jazz for a while. This Award winning Australian jazz singer has reached high rankings in UK Charts and in Billboard for the single “Taken for Granted” and “Some People Have Real Problems”. She is also awarded to the “Best Music DVD” in ARIA Music Awards in 2009 and received a lot of award nominations in 2010. Her versatility of her voice gives her the opportunity to work with a lot of noted artist and bands.


Kid Cudi – From Australia to Ohio, this alternative rap recording artist has marked its own name in the music scene. His single “Day ‘n’ Nite” has reached top five in Billboard Hot 100 and Hot RnB/Hip Hop songs charts. Kid Cudi is no kid at all in the Hip Hop music scene when he collaborated to a lot notable artists in the industry such as Kanye West and WZRD and eventually created his own label: Wicked Awesome Records.


Fergie – Stacy Ann Ferguson in real life, yes she is the rose among the thorns in the group Black Eyed Peas. This lady from California, was a member of Kids incorporated and the girl group Wild Orchid. Aside from being on a group she also noted to have a few solo projects like her solo album, The Dutchess.

Even the differences in genre and from individual projects they all have one person in common. Our Soundcord: Dancefloor special, David Guetta!

David Guetta the award winning French DJ that co-founded Gum Productions. Nominated in some Grammys and winner of a lot World Music Awards where he won Best House DJ and Best International DJ.


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