Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: Season 1, Epic

Dr. Doom
Tv Series

They just hit gold mine here. The start is pretty exciting, I enjoyed most of it and I can’t stop watching it. Until it ends in Skrull, again I am excited in the Season 2.

Season 1 started a bit confusing, I watched some episodes in tagalized version of it, and so I am kind of confused which really happened first. I managed to watch a few key episodes in the tagalized version, as the season goes, it has a potential to stay longer in the tubes.

Then the breakout, Graviton imprisoned in The Raft, managed to escape then bring holocaust to the city. He wants to have revenge to Nick Fury, making him a monster like that. Graviton is not as special in the comics but it is really a powerful foe. He controls gravity all over his body and can cast a different gravitational pull to yourself, making you float or making you sink. Then Hulk smashed him and Thor impaled him good.

Then the chase is on for all the bad guys imprisoned in “The Raft”, ‘The Cube”, Vault and the Big House. Besides from the present danger due to the breakout, there are parts which are in the storyline where the Skrull and Kree enter the picture. It started in an attempt of the Kree Empire to plant a bomb in earth where it is reported that our poor earth is on the wrong side of the galaxy that we are on the Skrull part of the universe. Luckily the bomb is detonated outside the earth. Then after that Captain America is now accused to bring chaos to earth. Khang The Conqueror claims that Captain America will bring wrath and must be obliterated. How come that a superhero named after a country ruin the same city who saved him? Then the intriguing season ender, Captain America is replaced by a Skrull.

In a few weeks I will get the Season 2,until then.



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