It’s A Whole New Flood Again: Monster Monsoon

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flood 2012
Flood 2012

There is no typhoon, only monsoon rains but it’s a whole new monster out there. It’s Day 1 and I just got home from work and a flooded office driveway welcomes me for work.

All night it’s raining and thank God we didn’t lose electricity we still have information about the status of places all over the metro. The rain is not because an Ondoy like typhoon but it’s a southwest monsoon. Traditionally monsoons are not harmful and as destructive as this. Monsoons normally pass the Philippines in a 24 hr stretch and then weather will back to sunny again in just after 2 days, but this is different.

Flooded Metro
Flooded Metro

The monsoon stayed a little longer now due to another typhoon Haiku. It is currently in the east of China and it stayed longer for a while so this would suck up the entire southwest monsoon with a lot of water, the lack of wind together with the rain is noticeable just a chunk of raincloud.

Still the fate of the rest of the Philippines is still in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only we have now. The situation is not in our hands now, save who is needed to be saved and pray for the safety of the rest of us and no more lives will be taken.

Flooded Metro
Flooded Metro
Flooded Metro
Flooded Metro
Marcos Hi-way
Marcos Hi-way

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