Dismayed On the People Who Called Themselves Leaders


Who is your idol? Who is that person that you look up into? Is he your father? Or maybe your eldest brother that look after you? Or a brother to another mother that guides you to some point in your life? Whoever he is, they lead you to wherever you are now, and there is a purpose why you met them. What is the point? These are the people you call heroes, a leader of sort but what does it take to be a leader?

Shiny teeth – you should have shiny teeth to appear beautiful in posters.

Photoshopped face – if you can’t pay for a Belo, your local graphic artist can, no one can tell the difference.

Scandalous past – you need to heat things up! You need something to pitch in, you need to feed the hunger for gossip of the people.

Scandalous Scam – This is the requirement of a traditional politician, you need to be greedy.

Well some we call leaders are like these but not all of them there are some really lead the people to greatness and awesomeness. Unfortunately there are some in my community that is really abusing their power. Though they just collect 5pesos for garbage collection still it is supposed to be free since I already paid my taxes, then I’m paid!

It’s really frustrating and disappointing that you hear something bad about the government and inner workings around the bureaucracy, and then in the end they encourage you to pay your taxes!

The leaders supposed to be a leader of good conduct and public service; they should be a role model to all that when time comes even how bad the situation the people will believe in you since you always do good for them. How can you say that even how poor you are right now that you see there is hope for a better tomorrow if even your last 5 pesos is collected for the service that is supposed to be free?

Even how little the amount if you have 5,000 people in the community, you do the math.


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