I Post: Nothing


These are just a few days that I have nothing to blog and nothing to say about anything. Having nothing really has its own benefits than having a lot to say.

 Having nothing is a truly a gift.

Having nothing is not easy but if you have nothing your life is simpler, you have nothing to maintain. Nothing doesn’t mean you are poor, well nothing is just you have only the basic that you need. Yes maybe having that kind of state in the society is poor but it is the richest state that a person could get.

It is all about mindset, if you are used to have an online life maybe you will not get used to this kind of state, but if you are used to a state that you live simpler any person would choose a simpler one.

Simple life doesn’t mean you are routinary it could be anything from walking, biking or fishing. For some it’s for privileged people to have this kind of activities but it is still simple if it is for the purpose of exercise.

Having a simple life is really for a more peaceful and healthy life and it’s still good.


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