Why Pancit symbolizes Long life?


It’s already the “BER” months; there will be a lot of party and celebrations around. Some are preparing for nuptials or christening and during this season a lot of birthdays are occurring and there is Christmas and New Year. In every occasion there are always noodles like spaghetti but why pancit associate with long life?

Pancit came from the Hokkien term pian i sit then we adopt the term pancit. There are 20+ variations of pancit dishes circulating around the Philippines. Since it was believed that it symbolizes long life and prosperity the pancit should not be cut short.

Nutritional Facts about Pancit

Well we do follow the tradition since it is a positive one but there is something to it that could really save your life.

Cabbage – cabbage is the main component of a delicious pancit. It has a natural antioxidant and vitamin C which improves skin and prevents cancer while Vitamin C is good for the immune system. For that alone would improve your health condition

Scallions – scallions has abundant source of vitamin K. Studies also shows that Vitamin K helps in limiting brain damage. Research also says that it has significant role in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Carrot – The old timer carrot, for the eyes and improving skin. It has also anti inflammatory properties that prevent inflammation forms.

These are some that would be present in a common pancit, there will be more to it if it is a special pancit. No wonder why there is a reason why pancit seem symbolizes long life and prosperity, since it is a healthy and economic dish any celebration would be special with this on your menu.


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