The Epic World of “ALPHAS”


Geez, I didn’t know I was looking for a good tv series until I found “ALPHAS”. Well my experience in Game Of Thrones is really awesome, but I didn’t know I can get hooked with this series. I first saw the series and got curious with it in one of my accounts in one social media site, Getglue where in you check in for what you watch on the tube or in the cinemas or even what you listen to, I’ve got some few online friends well I really don’t know them personally but they are p10olite and decent so I followed them too. Then as they check-in and out, I got curious on Alphas that almost all of the people I follow they watch the series so I check it out online and the plot is very interesting.

Alphas are not mutants and they don’t have that stellar or amazing power, they have this gift of enhanced physical features. They all uniquely enhanced person that helps the government to solve the crimes that cannot be solved by just ordinary police investigator. They are the good guys that help the community solve special crimes. They work for the government but when they are not, they have consultation session and therapy with Dr. Rosen, the doctor studying Alphas, to help them understand who they are and what their capabilities to help the people are.

Their main function really is to support the investigators in pursuing who is/are the perpetrator and how the crime happened; they also help people with gifts, Alphas, to understand more about their enhanced abilities. It’s really all good, but then there are also Alphas on the wrong side of the government that would like to be ahead from the norms. They would like to be in control with their own kind and to enhance it more to become more powerful.

Until I got my hands on Season 2, maybe I can get some clear vision on what is Stanton Parish trying to plot.


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