What is Freedom of Speech To You?

Moon Knight
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Speech

This is a sensitive subject, especially to some that this freedom of speech is their bread and butter. Let’s define what freedom is. The definition of Freedom is like Love (like a rosary full of mysteries; eeeehh). Freedom is like love, ask a 100 people you got 100 definitions like love it’s on your own point of view.

Freedom by definition it is a state of being free, the absence of constraint in choice or action. It is very well said there but as the civilization advanced freedom comes with a price. Yes, it is written, it is a state of being free, but it has a price tag underneath, “PROTECTION: $9.99 ONLY”, it is also said there is no absolute freedom. This is when balance and content comes to show, when in a civilization or community wants to be in control, contentment dies and there will be no balance since the other man wants to be higher than the commoner, freedom dies. Every part in the world has hierarchy, thus there is someone above you , you are not absolutely free, even if you are already on the top, you have advisers, thus you are not free, you weigh things and some other things affect your decision, though you know what is the right thing to do, but you tend to weigh on the things advisors suggest, thus you are not free.

Freedom has a very high price sometimes life is the only price. Journalists around the world come with the curse of freedom. As they expose the abuse of power around the world they are the no.1 target of mercenaries and bounty hunters.

Though freedom of speech has evolved through time it is still the same idea, it is the delivery of one’s idea across a wide number of audience in a proper and decent manner. I added the latter since many forgot to be decent to other people when they say freedom of speech. Still freedom of speech is for everyone but many of us abuse the word freedom. Like for example in a comment on a social media site, you put slanderous remarks on a post of an actual person, yes it is your right to say what’s on your mind but be cautious in having words that can kill the reputation of a person, that person has rights too.

Freedom of speech is a very broad topic and I am no expert to it, but I’m saying that let’s be responsible on whatever we have to say in public, whatever bad we say to others it always bounce back to us, what we say reflects who we are.


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