The Anatomy of the Perfect Sunday


Sundays is the most sacred among families since it is the day of the week where most of us will be just resting preparation for a new work week. The typical Sunday would start with a prayer in the church and a lunch after then stroll around the mall.

Our Sunday is considered as typical depending on the budget. Sometimes we spent mostly on with the things that our daughter needs. We have a simple life and since our daughter needs us to her adventure as a growing kid, we support her in any way we can. She needs to experience a lot before she moves on to the next level so we need to teach her how it is done and try things on her own.

On Sundays we love to eat together over breakfast, since it is the only day that we can wake up as late as 8 in the morning, the start of our day usually is deciding what is for breakfast and who will cook it for the family, and since our daughter is 4 years old my wife and I would vote.

Then prepare everything and off we go to church. We would pray for our family health and hope that we are showered with blessings in the coming days. The family is still struggling in finances since the health crises last September but eventually it would change, it’s just we do not go out much and spent a bit conservative.

After church, we would spent time looking for something to buy or something would buy in the coming days. Then we are off to arcade my favorite and my daughter’s favorite where she get to play in big pen with other kids. We let her enjoy the company of other kids so that she get used to it when she had her own sister or brother, hopefully and God will give us our wishes on the right time.

Then grocery time for mommy and stack it for winter! Well this is the activity we all enjoy since we can buy our favorites here. Then we go home and spent a few more hours in movies and dinner chatting and planning for the incoming week before going to sleep.

It’s not that amusing or exciting but every Sunday is always the best day of the week where you can spend quality time with your family and love ones.


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