Vampire’s Worst Nightmare: Abraham Lincoln

Surely God would not have created such a being as man, with an ability to grasp the infinite, to exist only for a day! No, no, man was made for immortality.  ~ Abraham Lincoln


Sure I can’t recall hearing this in the movie but I am sure he stated that well on the last scene when Henry wants him to be a vampire, Lincoln said “Not only vampires are immortal.”

The movie is about a fictional life even t of Abraham Lincoln. The title is very self explanatory that is said that Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter. Fighting side by side with a vampire ally Abe fights for freedom until his last stand with the leader of the vampire during war.

It is really a fantastic movie and the fight sequence is at least thrilling and exciting at the same time. The vampire make up are as usual as the standard vampire look as it is but I think the director is not focused on what will be the vampire look, they would be killed in the end anyway, but its role in the environment and society when Abe is fighting for freedom.

Snapshots from history that would link to Lincoln’s fight for freedom and fight for those blood thirsty beings. Written by  Seth Grahame-Smith and directed by  Timur Bekmambetov I gave Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 7 stars. It is not as boring as it may seem and it really ends very majestic.

History prefers legends to men. It prefers nobility to brutality, soaring speeches to quiet deeds. History remembers the battle, but forgets the blood. However history remembers me before I was a President, it shall only remember a fraction of the truth…  ~ Abraham Lincoln in Abrahama Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


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