Then Back To Normal Programming


After the holidays of All Saints Day we are now back to our normal lives and back to a stressful days called work week. The events of the previous days seem to be the happiest days ever. I am so “with” the family, I really suck in being with them recently since we need to ends meet and I am juggling task sideline all together than being with the most important to me, my family.

You can’t just juggle everything all together that I need to still gain my strength due to my previous condition, need to be careful this time.

Currently we are catching up with each other and having more time with each other. I am also catching up with my daughter that needs me now more than ever. She is starting to explore and learn new things around her and she needs us her parents to be able to understand what consequence and challenges on her big world ahead of her.

Being a parent is really a tough job, the responsibility and management really has its pros and drawbacks, a lot of sacrifice has to be made every day for the love of family. Family always comes first that’s why as much as possible you need to increase the profit to meet the needs of the whole family but then you need to balance your time with them which is really tricky even you have been  5 years married. There is no certainty every marriage is different every relationship has its distinction.

Now we are just keeping the communication between the members open, especially to our kid she’s discovering and showing out signs of interest to the people events and activities. She also show signs of sharp memory which we should keep in mind what are the things that we are telling to her or everything we do she remembers it, so we keep it in mind.

To conclude this blog post, that would eventually go big, still the family is slowly recovering and will make sure next year will be a healthier family.


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