Christmas Is Approaching Fast: Time To Get Busy


Besides being busy because it is the time of the year where the adults are preparing for the kids, I am busy because my freelance works is reaching its critical limit. Meaning to say, my deadline is also fast approaching I am almost mid of November and I am still connecting the dots. I really need some quality time with my freelance work.

I still need to get some details from my employer to specify some details regarding the project.  Well according to my assessment I am almost there I just need to get things done fast to able to still hit the deadline. The deadline is more than a week from now and of course I need to sleep a bit to gain strength and not to forget details. But what am I doing? I just need to up the things to be done naturally it have bugs since it is still on the first phase.

Here are the three points that took a lot of my development time.


The design really takes a lot of time and I need to chop these module fast to be able to convert on the things that are important to the client which is functionality.

Email Module

This is not possible at the moment well I do not have access on the server, so I need the username and passwords for this access so that I can move on the modules connected on email.


The inputs are very important, since you can’t test your module without data inside. This also axe a lot of time for me so what I need to keep in mind is to hurdle fast on this few points that need to be done.

PHP programming took few hours of my time to connect and put up the logic in the business model and bringing the page come to life. I need some organizing to do also to be able to clearly see where am I going right now.

I will post some screenshots here so that you can have an idea of what it looks like. I am just sharing these thoughts also to remind me of what direction should I be taking next.

Happy Coding


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