Technically I Already Have 200

Sebastian Shaw

Well after I pledged 200 post this year well I still need to have 111 post to reach that goal and I am just a month away from being a failure.

Technically I have 200 post in total in my blog, this is the 201st  post! It’s not much of an accomplishment but it has value. Though I have an average of 20 visitors per day, it doesn’t matter, to what I am posting in this blog is real and most especially it’s all me!

According to the statistics

I have an average of 5 posts per month there are highs and lows all over the year but the least is 5 per month. So I am a very (lazy) weekly blogger I might say. I am not much a talker really with all the time management I am just busy with the family and a blog post will just took more time of my play time with my kid.

Not Giving Up!

Though I am a terrible poster I am not giving up! I will still make the pledge next year! I hope will accomplish it this time. I want to participate more on the everyday blog post event in any way I can I want to be involved on my family more and blog about it more! I want to document every moment and so when I look back every blog post looks back at me!

I want to build 1 more blog!

I want to build 1 more blog, and I want it to be pictures of life and family! I want everyday next year will be special; I want the best for my family! But I need to work hard for it, I need to sweat on it and make it a routine that would become a habit!

Blogging for me is an activity would bring me back to earth. It is something that I would die doing, maybe I would still design most of my life, maybe I will be creating a lot of apps in the future and throughout my life but I would die writing every moment in my life. Whether it is not worth writing or a rocking experience that would inspire other people, I wouldn’t care,  I will just write it.

Happy Blogging!


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