Can’t Blog on a Busy Holiday


It sucks really when I want to blog but I can’t. Yeah, you can’t make up excuses if you want go get it, if you that’s you want to do, do it, while you still can. Too many tasks on my hands right now, a lot of projects on its way next year and transition to anew is inevitable.

Christmas is still the best time of the year, it is when people are giving and forgiving. Well for at least we all rested on angst to the world for a moment and recalling what we have done this year.

A lot of Coming Up This Year

My Wife’s Birthday

My wife will get older on the 20th, and I would love to spend the time with her on that day. Since with all the hype of the “End” in the 21st even we have just enough for that weekend I hope we all have good time even without spending much.

My Daughter’s Birthday

Though it is on the 23rd I believe firmly with God that no one will be harmed in my family so a Christmas party for her friends will be held on our home on that day.


We will spend the mornings on my Nanay’s house! Well the family is not quite well I hope to see all of them on that day!

Well my wife pretty much planned the coming days, we just hope we are all safe every day even we came to our end or not. The family has a strong faith with God, and thy, will be done whether it is on the 21st or earlier who knows, no one.


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