It’s December 22 and We are Alive


Its great breathe and wake up with your family in one piece. Lovely how each day becomes a gift as we open our eyes and knowing we are breathing.

Today is December 22 and some of us end the world yesterday. Now came to a new, I am alive, I attend the 7th Misa De Gallo with my wife, we are happy I am happy sipping my coffee and going to office to end the work week and start the holidays.

I just can’t believe the fact that some of our brothers in faith and relatives, catholic Christians and other religions alike, are falling to the doomsday yesterday, no one knows when this world will end. Sad to know that they believe to the Mayans which they do not know, Mayans are not even Christians! Sadly they do not believe to the promise of God and they believe to some artifact with the language that they do not 100% understand, they believe on people that they do not know and believe on a calendar that they do not know if It really is a calendar. People assume they are experts on that, sure, but still they are still people and they learn this from the people before them, and we all know humans are prone to errors, maybe they are correct and still maybe some of their assumptions are wrong.

There is no significant impact on me on this doomsday hoax. I am sure of my faith with God and I know He will never destroy the world, for as long as there are two or more people who believe in Him, the world is safe by His hand. If ever there will come a time that Earth would come to an end, it is not His fault, but ours. Humans are the caretaker of His creation and if we do not tend to it, it will be gone in front of our eyes.

Let’s care of each other and let’s take care of our home, Earth, it is our last hope.


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