The Year End Blog

New Year

It has been great for all of us, we might have some health difficulties in the last quarter but we are still good. It is all in the past and it’s time move on, it’s time to keep moving forward, for the better of course.

Every year, like the most of us, we plan ahead and I also have targets for next year.


Improve Quality of Life

This can only be done with monetary means. The only way to improve the things or ideas that needs to be improved is needed to be invested of time and money. There is always be simple but still if we need to improve health, we need at least vitamins which can be bought or fruits that are fresh and organic that only bought in a high end market. Improving life is by means of increasing profit or lessens your expenses.

How? Well at least request for an increase besides it’s another year or seek another opportunity outside.

Finish Off Projects

If we finish projects it only means income. I have a major web system project and I really need to crunch everything by next year.

Launch the Website

I bought a domain for the family site; well at least monetize that website. I can set up a store, or a review site, since as a family we have hobbies that can be profitable.

Preparing for the New Year is really exciting especially when you deliver it on the target dates.

I just need to organize well at least that would be on my list, to be organized.

Happy New Year


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