The New Year Post

New Year

Day 1 of 2013, the family thank all to our Lord Jesus Christ not allowing bad predictions came to our system. We give thanks to all of our friends and family that never let us down. Thanking all that everyone is safe and alive.

Shaking the  “END” out of our thoughts is a bit of a challenge but that day is magnificent and we are all blessed that day came to pass.

Our faith with God and faith to the love of Mary His mother has really taken us to places and experiences that dwelt only in our dreams. Spiritually we are shaken by challenges that as normal people can’t comprehend. The love we shared through challenges has given us hope that every problem has its solution you just have to be strong through the process of it. Even to those problem that we thought has no end, no light. Our capacity as normal people has limitation but we believe that nothing is impossible with God, you just have to trust that being above. God also provide us not just solutions but lessons that after this you will be stronger and braver. We are just believers that there is someone up there that helps us somehow.

We all wish in the family that we became closer to our Creator, with Him nothing is impossible.

God Bless us all  and Happy New Year


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