No New Year Resolution


I have no plans in making a New Year resolution. I just need to do something for myself that eventually will benefit everyone.

I just can’t promise then broke it but I need to improve something. I need something different, I need passion to work on something. Something that I will leave behind for my family and for the generations ahead. It’s not something big that the whole world will know, but why not if I have a chance, but I will miniaturize it to a more local extent.

Defining it this early is premature, so I need resources and environment to breed this passion I am looking for. It’s time to look for myself somewhere to where am I, to where I will be. The journey will be exciting and dynamic.

No planning.

From my first post this year, it seems I already have a plan. Those are just targets and mainly for the sake of the family, something that I will keep in mind. This idea is basically to reflect on the things that I need to be doing on my age and what am I doing right now.

The idea is a bit broad to where to start; I just need the right push. This will be the journey of the lifetime.


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