Opportunity or Family


Balancing the two is a tough task, it’s never been that easy to balance it as balance it could take, and there is always a side greater than the other. Juggling your task as a father and your deadlines is not always the same every day. Each day has its unique pros and cons plus the fact that you need to rest a bit to breathe.

Here are some tips that could at least help you on your time management.


  1. Give time to work on your professional task and make that time sacred to you.
  2. Minimize distractions, have manageable time schedule of your work. Work when they are asleep or in school and give your time to them when they needed you.
  3. Play with your kids, this gives you time to sweat a little and get you blood circulation going.
  4. Network your business outside; this would make your time precious instead of calling out in your home that, network your business outside.
  5. Have time with your wife, talk to her regarding opinions and current events. One way or another you can get something to write or to inspire.
  6. Family is always your priority, spend time with them and this could be a good time to be inspired.


These are just few of the tips that I could give, you can bend each of them according to your situation at home. Sticking to these tips or to your formulated one, will be a factor to your success.


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