Got Time?: Be With The People You Dear Most


We always got time in fact we have 24 hours a day so definitely we have time. Just recently I was a bit busy with all the stuff going on with my career and I it just struck me my daughter has this viral infection.

Shame on me I am still going on with my deadlines and everything and I even neglect my duties as a father. That’s it! I am doomed the very family that supported me all the way, I left them. Figuratively, well we still live on the same house and I am sure they are the one I share the bed with, but still I am just a dull boy doing code works and stuff, I am just a robot that does what my master commanded of me. I think it is also a crime to neglect your family, especially on this time of trial where my wife is the only one taking care of my daughter, I really felt pity on myself, if I fail my family, and everything is a failure.

Then just before I become numb of the situation a meteor shatters me that I am like a glass of water fell down on the floor, and I looked at my daughter then my heart broke, I am not her hero anymore, she turned to her uncle. I felt bad, but that evening I tried to come back to her, I read her stories, I played with her practically take care of her that evening, even though at the back of my head I still need to finish things. It felt like I am in the house again and my wife just watched us as we finish the story.

Early that day I was devastated, when I was alone in the office just staring my monitor doing nothing for a while, It felt no difference that when I am in the office and when I am at home since I am also working on a project. Then I came to realized that even though I check out of the office, went home, just to work again and not to be with my family.

Balancing is a tricky situation that you would get more than you can take.

It seems living in a situation that you would do so much effort just to meet the ends, living in a mediocre life seems to be a blessing that you would rather be that much of material things but still abundant with blessings from above love, health and life.


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