The Countdown Has Begun


I am hired to a new company and the turnover has begun. As I slowly approach the exiting date of March 25, I am slowly going through a funnel of filtering. I need to be cleansed before I exit, clearing all doubts and answering all the questions. Doubts that is I, an enemy of the company. The answer is a clear no.

I respect the owners of my employers and I love my stay there and in fact I am still enjoying my stay but things are really going to a different direction, I need to go away.

The family needs to be supported financially and secure it with benefits that will cover all our health needs. Fortunately God really answered my prayers, well at least for now. By all means I am just a person that would constantly look for something new and change an upgrade once in a while but for now the package of the new employer satisfy my current need.

Company Blessing
Company Blessing

My 3 years of stay with my current employer is really a blast. I learned a lot of things and when I say a lot it means the totality of the whole corporate bullshit thing (sorry for the word). I really rode the company politics with flying colors, I totally aced it, thanks to my supervisors and managers I bumped into some enemies before but I managed to be friends with them until now.

This is not an easy decision. I really felt bad about it but I have to leave the company due to work related reasons and financial reasons. The totality of the decision is not solely by the family’s financial status right now but also the career path that I want to achieve. I really love programming but I always go back to the fact that I can’t let go of my designing. My path is going towards the User Experience, for the 5 years in the industry, I never been this cravings for user experience. I’m just afraid to face it back then, but I will face it now.

Javascript has been my enemy since day 1 but now I will need to be friends with that bad ass since I need it on my new employer. Until then, I still have a few weeks to learn and be comfortable with Javascript. Next stop, basic javascript.


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