They Are Campaigning: Ignoring Politics


Sick and tired, these are the two words that I’ve been saying since campaign period started. They will uplift the life of many filipinos, we will create more jobs, economy growth, yadda! Yadda! Yadda! Crap! Crap! Crap! They never kept their promises due to politics among politicians, due to party problems, due to other alibis that would keep their riches, I mean, that would keep them from doing what is due to their constituents.

Since I saw a politician after a mass, I felt bad to these people that are abused time and time again everytime they are needed to vote. Such a shame that we vote people that will abuse us. I haven’t seen a supporter that really believes on what is right about this politician, what is good about him, what are the strong points that the people would vote for him, supporters are just there for their own personal gain, to have something small in return, free lunch and a lot GCs and vouchers.

They would really do everything for a vote, they will have TV guestings, TV Ads, newspaper ads, slogans and jingle that the composer is not informed his music is used by a politician.

Then after all of these, when the vote is casted and proclaimed winner.  They will have now the right to delay what is due to the people who voted him there.Then just to say a project has been made the politician will build a 3 year road improvement project that would cost millions and would range a meter, that will cause 4 years of traffic then after a year the same spot will be improved then after the term left unfinished.

A cycle that will never remembered and forever be forgiven by the culture of the Filipinos.


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