Another Phase: Moving Up


It will be just another Thursday to others but as a father of a very amazing kid it is the day she will move from a Kinder 1 to Preparatory. This is her day to shine.

I am not updated with the whole program, which is very exciting and intriguing, I just hearing my daughter singing their piece, I hope I will not cry. The excitement is coming from that this kid is like an unformatted disk but then in just a few months she will have tracks to right on,  and I’m not going to miss that moment.

I already missed a lot of events with regards with her school activities but this, I should be there. There was a thing on the first quarter of the school year that is all about Nutrition. Though it is for that whole month there was this special day where they suit up their nutritious head dresses where she got 2nd place, I missed that. Due to advance technology I am much updated with pictures of her with her classmates.

Sometime in August where I think every Monday they will wear Filipinianas to celebrate “Buwan ng Wika”. On that month there where they perform a folk dance and I missed that also, I choose not to attend since I do not have enough vacation leaves.

Then they have Christmas, I think there were Valentines and sometime on 2rd going to 3rd quarter of the school year, where they have this academic activity, which I also missed where he won her first medals. A bronze from Filipino quiz bee and Silver for English quiz bee. Then came where she performed a poem about God creating her parts of the body, which she aced and got the highest prize, Gold.

This time it will be my time also to go with my kid and support her to their performance on stage. That will be on March 21.

Sleep tight!


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