When Was The Last Time You Reflect?


It’s the time of the year again when we talk with our inner self and have our minds reset and be born again acquiring the lessons of the past. We tend to our inner self to what are the bad about us on the past years and what more we can improve about our self. It is not the question when we can do it, it’s just a matter of how we will accomplish if we pledged to change for the better.

Reflection is not just realizing it and then not taking action into it. Realizing is for enumerating things that you need to change. Action is taking that small steps and breaking that bad habits

When was the last time you reflected on something?

Every time that I have an opportunity to think I reflect on what I have done? Did I gain something today? Am I a better person than yesterday? These are the things I ask to myself but more or less I am battling every single day to improve myself it’s just this force that barring me to peel off my bad attitudes.

A lot of suggestion around the internet that would tell about reflecting your life, like what I just said it’s a matter of listing it out and taking action to it.

In this season of reflection, let’s reflect on something that would make us a better person everyday that would help improve our personality and be more productive in a lot of things that we love.


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