The Start of Something New : New Work


I am not sure if this was good news or just a new headache? I am starting to a new office and I am excited to the team, I met my boss but he will not handle the team anymore after his training. This is indeed a blessing to us family that we are expecting a bigger good news in the future.

So far the training is not actually the training that I expected but I expect to have more in the coming days. I am not familiar actually to what I will be doing since this was the first step to this kind of environment. I have high hopes that I will be do well here this is really an opportunity and first step of something big.

As far as my understanding as described in the training they have software which I like, and its backend is SAP. I am not familiar with the software or with the backend but I heard it is high paying software if you have experience which will be my long term goal.

I am still testing the waters in a few weeks as directed, I will be shadowing, and whatever it means it sounds noob. Well that’s how they do it here, and we will comply.

To whatever my future holds here it has a purpose and thy will be done.


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