What Would You Do If It Is Your Last?


The strongest motivation that I could say to myself and maybe to share with other people is “What would you do if it is your last?” Whatever last really means to a person it still the motivation that you would think twice or maybe thrice before doing it. I am not trying to send a message or something it’s just, what would you do about it? What would you do if you are put in a situation like that?

What would you do if it is your last? Giving your best shot? Giving all that I have is really not my best motto or maybe not my best attitude. I always fail in the first time, I guess I have no beginners luck, and even luck is not my friend. If it is my last what would I do about it? I just need to make it count. From a hundreds and thousands of ways on how would you spend your last? I would do it just because that’s how I feel about it, that’s how I would do about it. Making it count is not to be recognized as the best answer or one of the beautiful answers. There is no best and beautiful if it’s your last, it’s a really a very sad feeling. How peaceful or meaningful to you your answer is, face it! It’s still sad.

What would I do if it is my last? I really do not know, what will be my condition is on that moment. It could be abrupt, while sleeping or I’m bed ridden. I really do not know. But I have one wish when that happen, I wish that I could hug my family for the last time or just hold the hand of my love ones. The process could be different, like I said it could be fast. Maybe my wish could not be granted after all. I will let God decide on how He will take me to His kingdom.

What would you do if it is your last?


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