Time is Really a Wasted Gold


When was the last time that you have a 100% time with your family? Impossible? Not quite. 100% time with your family is having a 100% of the moment of you with them.
It’s really not you are always with them, it’s having a 100% of a certain moment, like when it’s Sunday, your attention is 100% with them. The real thing I can’t have that, as much I wanted to there are many distractions that slash a percentage of that ideal 100%.

The Distractions

Social Media – Face it, you can’t ignore this one. At least 1 update per day? That will be -10% already of the 100% percent. The 10% is subject to increase in most cases there will be games and chats on the rear.
House Chores – House chores can be a plus or minus. There were times that this is a family activity that everyone is participating. Use this to your advantage. If chores are a bit disadvantage in your current situation, this can be 30% slashed out from your ideal 100%.

Television – this is also can be a plus or minus. Since we are dealing here with distractions, tv can be a -20% of the time.

These are just mostly examples of distractions but there are more especially when you have a quiet time or an hour in the gym or added in the chores your time in the market.

How to use time wisely

Involve everyone – Involving every member is a big plus in having that time. Ideally is 100% no more no less, but in a world full of distraction we can be at least close to reality than targeting the 100%. It can be 70% or 90% just by involving everyone in the family.

Seek Help to A member – If a chore or an activity can be done by one person seeking help during these times is a big addition to the time you spent.

Creativity is a key also to spending it wisely. Create activities that would require involvement of everyone is very important. Family is counted as one so should be acted as one and not individually. Having a family is a gift so like a precious metal or jewelry, it should be kept and protected, protected with time under the grace of God.


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