Missing Dev Already

Web Development
Web Development

Well I am 3 months now on my new job well I missed a lot of my dev skills already and I just want to occasionally tap into it and develop small programs for myself.




HTML5 – this is quite a while and I need to tame this untamed beast. When it emerged in the scene I did not tap into immediately and let it mature for a moment. I am optimist before that I would handle this on my next project. Well fortune has better plans.

Javascript frameworks – This is really a fear of me. Javascript has never been my cup of coffee, I really hate it and I don’t know why. But I learn to love it on my new job. It uses a javascript framework called protocol and it works for me, well for the moment. I want to explore the different frameworks further for better understanding, facing fears and living the dream.

PHP frameworks – I am interested ever since to use any PHP framework available in the scene, well for at least on that time Codeigniter is the popular one. Well recent news that Ellis Lab is giving this up since they need to expand more of their profit on their products than continuing Codeigniter where they giving it free. They are giving codeigniter to the person that has more passion and time to expand this framework further. Well whatever they sugar coat that giving away the framework is a better solution well they can’t hide the fact that they will focus on the profit than to the technology well on that tone it’s not a bad thing really.

CakePHP –I will give this a try and put time to it, I hope I can squeeze on my playing hours with developing cool apps out from this.

Web Design – This is really my first love, well I really want to design again. Recently news also that Adobe is stopping the development of Fireworks already. Well it’s time to step up. I will miss this piece of software.

Plans, plans, plans these are just plans that needs to be act upon. Hoping next year would be free.


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