It’s Nice to Be a Beginner Again


3 months in the new environment and I love being a novice again. I love to be thought actually and the best part is learning new things, learning new codes and new set of skills.

Going back from the HTML coded that I used to work on, server scripts that I used to debug before I can say the new programming language is not that beautiful than those with curly brackets, but it is challenging and how you need to understand the code that you don’t even know, you don’t know how does it work.

Being a beginner is a gift of opportunity to learn something new. A fresh start and this is when you strike while the iron is hot. This is when you put a lot of coals in your engine to keep the fire burning. The desire to learn is a fiery and furious feeling that you are excited to work,  you are excited to learn something every day and then it will become a habit until you become expert of the subject matter.

Currently I am grinding that there is no easy on what I do. There was this software that we need to maintain to its optimum condition to have a customer satisfaction. Having the correct skills we will investigate to the issue raised and then fix it if there were bugs.

Having this start of new work, being a beginner will not there for too long, we need to learn on how they do it, copy and make it your own. It’s just being a beginner is a very fun but do not let fun take over or you will lose your job.


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